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Defending Your Parenting Rights

Custody disputes are among the most distressing legal conflicts you can face as a parent. Whether you are separated, pursuing divorce or are an unmarried parent, it is critical that you receive custody terms that protect your parenting rights.

At George A. Simpson Attorney At Law, our team provides comprehensive custody services to residents throughout Central Indiana. From drafting parenting plans to negotiating custody agreements to handling post-decree matters, we can address all your concerns. George A. Simpson, our firm’s founder, is a Certified Family Law Specialist* who is ready to put his qualifications to work for you.

Developing A Parenting Plan

Detailed parenting plans can provide a framework for children and parents who are no longer living under one roof. When you hire our services, we will customize a parenting plan that complies with Indiana’s custody and visitation laws and includes provisions that reflect your family’s circumstances.

Because each family is different, parenting plans vary. However, most contain guidelines for important topics, such as:

  • A parenting schedule, which identifies which parent is responsible for taking care of his or her children on weekdays, weekends, holidays, vacations and other important events
  • The type of custody each parent seeks
  • An explanation of each parent’s financial obligations and decision-making rights as they relate to health care and education
  • Parenting guidelines related to discipline, bedtimes and diet

These plans can be as detailed or as simple as you prefer. We can help you create a plan that is easy to implement, adjusts to changes and clearly states obligations.

Securing Fair Custody Terms

In Indiana, parents may petition to receive:

  • Joint or sole legal custody, which establishes decision-making rights
  • Joint or sole physical custody, which determines where the child will live

As a trained domestic mediator and skilled negotiator, attorney Simpson can help parents agree to custody terms without a judge’s involvement. If you are unable to find common ground with your child’s parent, Mr. Simpson can support your side in court.

Petitioning For A Modification Or Enforcement After An Agreement Is Signed

Indiana laws recognize that lives change after custody agreements are signed, which is why parties are allowed to petition to modify custody orders. If a new job, health condition or other significant circumstances have affected your ability to look after your child, you may be able to update the terms of your custody agreement.

If your child’s parent violates the terms of your custody agreement, you may be able to receive a court order that enforces these terms. Our team is qualified to represent you in both matters.

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* As certified by the Family Law Certification Board