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George A. Simpson

Attorney George A. Simpson

Mr. Simpson is a certified Family Law Specialist as certified by the Family Law Certification Board. He is also a Registered Domestic Mediator. Having these designations gives Mr. Simpson the ability to help you and your spouse work through your family issues in an amicable manner so that you and your spouse and any children involved can find a quick and agreeable resolution. He knows the stress these family law matters put on both your personal and professional lives, and he and his team will work hard to minimize the impact of the process on you and your children. If you facing divorce, or need to resolve related issues of child custody or child support, you owe it to yourself to contact George Simpson. When you come to us, the first thing we want to do is listen to your story on how you want the divorce proceedings to play out. We are not believers is a one-size-fits-all law. All our services we offer are custom-tailored to the client’s stated preferences.


Once we understand your goals, we strategize a plan that has the greatest chance of success. The emotions surrounding divorce — anxiety, irritability, anger — can have a profound effect on the individuals involved. Mr Simpson’s approach is to conduct his work calmly while focusing on your objectives. Some firms believe in turning up the volume. Mr Simpson knows from experience that yelling doesn’t win cases. Mr Simpson achieves success for clients through experience and knowledge of the law.


Clients who come to Mr Simpson can expect straightforward answers. He will inform you of all possible results and the most likely outcome of your case so you can make a decision on if the financial strain of a contested divorce.


Deciding which divorce attorney in Indianapolis is the right one for you should not be a financial burden. All initial phone consultations are free with Mr Simpson. In the initial consultation, he will answer your questions, evaluate your case and provide an estimate for fees.  Many firms offer “free consultations” that last just a few minutes in and are often times not taken as serious as it should.  Our initial consultation usually lasts more than an hour. After our meeting, you will have a complete understanding of our legal strategy that we will have in store for you. You will be ready to put the past behind you and move forward.  The firm’s office is convenient and has free parking.