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Certified Family Law Specialist - Family Law Certification Board

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Devoted exclusively to the Indy Area.

Attorney George Simpson is devoted exclusively to representing men and women in divorce proceedings in the Indy area.

You'll be represented by an attorney having 25 years of legal experience focusing on family law solely. His practice of over 2 decades have been centered on family law. He can feel the stress you undergo by family troubles. You can come to him for amicable legal solutions.
Over 25 years, attorney George A. Simpson has been serving the Central Indiana area. Mr. Simpson is a certified Family Law Specialist as certified by the Family Law Certification Board, and he is also a Registered Domestic Mediator. Having these additional designations sets us apart from other attorneys and allows us to better serve you in finding an amicable solution for both parties.
People who are contemplating divorce often experience increased emotional turmoil. Anxiety and fear of the unknown, along with emotional warfare with your soon to be former spouse, can be extremely overwhelming. We believe that the divorce isn’t necessarily an ending but a new beginning. We take the stance that divorce is more about your future and not your past.