Over 25 years, attorney George A. Simpson has been serving the Central Indiana area. Mr. Simpson is a certified Family Law Specialist as certified by the Family Law Certification Board, and he is also a Registered Domestic Mediator. Having these additional designations sets us apart from other attorneys and allows us to better serve you in finding an amicable solution for both parties.   Even if your marital situation no longer has the trust if once had, many couples still want to avoid a dragged-out fight in the court room. They have reached the conclusion that their marriage is no longer rectifiable. With that said, couples still have enough respect for one another not to drag each other through the mud.  They also know that going to court could cost much more.


At Simpson Law, we strive to make this difficult process be as amicable as possible.  We will do our best to guide our clients through the way of divorce mediation. There are many advantages of choosing mediation rather than going through the traditional court room procedures.  Mediation is often times a much quicker, more fair and far less expensive than going to court.  


The advantages of the mediation approach to divorce are very clear:

  • It’s quick. You don’t have to wait in line for court appearances. Divorce litigation can drag on and on. Mediation tends to be much more efficient.

  • It’s cost-effective. Because it takes less time, your legal fees are typically less.

  • It’s fair and customized to your family’s unique circumstances. When you go to court, you put the decision in the hands of a judge. The judge doesn’t know you. The decision may very well be something that neither you nor your spouse is happy with. On the other hand, mediation allows the two of you to work together to reach an outcome you can both agree on.

  • It’s private. You do not have to spill your dirty laundry in court. Your private family business does not need to become part of a public document.